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Hosted Email

Hosted email allows you to run an email service using your domain name. This is a professional way to run your business. It features everything you want in an email service without the advertising and inflexibility of web-hosted email.

hosted email

Professional Hosted Email

This email service allows your business to have a thousand aliases (such as admin@domainname.co.nz, info@domainname.co.nz, etc, whatever your business requires) and unlimited forwarders so each email can be directed to the correct person. It also includes auto responders for efficient customer service, ability to send and receive large attachments, fully-automated cloud backup, calendars and database development with mailing lists plus much more!

reliable email

Reliable Email

The management of your hosted email is with us, we set it up properly from the very beginning so reliability is the name of the game.

spam protection

Tight Email Spam Protection

This gives you peace of mind that a virus through an email won’t bring your business down.

access email anywhere

Access Email Anywhere

Using cloud services, you can access hosted email wherever your employees may be on whatever device they are using.

hosted email service

Affordable Hosted Email Service

Hosted email saves you money by providing and managing the email servers. Swerve host the email and keep an eye on it to ensure it is running at its full potential.

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