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Cloud Backups

cloud backups

We all know the importance of software backup. Most of us have had problems in the past where we haven’t backed something up and it is lost forever - all that valuable information, the hours of work and the pain to recreate it. For most businesses, their data is one of the most valuable assets they own. So, you don’t need Swerve to tell you how important a back up is. It’s one of those things, you just got to do it.

Swerve implements a very simple to use cloud backup system for your business. It’s all part of our cloud services.

The importance of a cloud backup is that they are taken often and are situated away from the physical presence of the original data. Without these two factors, a software backup is rendered useless.

After an complete IT audit of your business, its data source and the amount of information being held, we can recommend a cloud backup procedure (don’t get scared, you won’t even know you are doing it), that ensures your data is available no matter what happens. It will be stored securely and accessible at any time you may need it.

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