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Auditing and documentation

auditing and documentation

There’s nothing worse than calling your computer support company, getting a new voice on the phone and having to rehash your IT system setup before you even start to explain the problem you are having. It’s not like that at Swerve!

We save you time and money

Our in-house IT audit and documentation system is exclusive to Swerve and means you don’t have to explain your company IT setup every time you call. We simply log into our system to see all your IT systems in place, your history, and get to work fixing your problem.

Isn’t this the way it should be?

Written and developed by Swerve, this unique documentation system has been enhanced over 20 years of IT support. The system prompts each engineer to update your company file with information about your Cloud backup services, IT project management, IT procurement and IT audit. It also highlights the cost of not fixing or replacing something. The system is integrated with our other Swerve systems for invoicing, measuring your disk space, recording your assets for IT auditing purposes, your passwords, the contact details of the providers for your other systems such as phones – everything we need to solve your problem promptly. It works and it shows.

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