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Service Desk Management

Meet the Team


Paul Keenan

Chief Executive Officer

I'm married with two children, in my spare time I can be found mountain biking or surfing, a passion I have enjoyed since my youth. I have been involved in IT since 1995, and working at Swerve since 2002. I mostly enjoy the fact that technology is forever changing, what this means is I focus on the new and the better. At Swerve we are more than ‘just IT’, when I work with my clients I am their expert, I work on finding them solutions, and make things work easier, and smarter for them. I find understanding our customers and what it is they do one of my strengths. This is always important so we know the exact way to best look after them. Not everyone fits in the same box! Looking after clients, and helping them achieve their goals is what I always strive to do, all the while ensuring our team are also swerving in the right direction.


Dalibor Andzakovic

Web and Systems Development Consultant

I mostly enjoy getting out and about, duck shooting, gaming, as well as playing the drums. I am also right into my fitness attending cross fit most week mornings. I have been involved in IT since 1998 and started with Swerve in 2001.I work really well in open source software, and I have the ability to provide this sort of technical knowledge to my customers. My customers trust me, and feel at ease knowing I am working on their specific programs, which is always within due date. Working at Swerve has been a great positive experience, as the entire team all tend to think along the same path. We also have an opportunity to play with technology, which means finding ways and systems that work. Testing is a huge part, and working at Swerve has allowed me to be flexible enough to get the job done. It is almost a sense of freedom working at Swerve, despite there being some seriously long days, and long weeks, at the end of the day, it is all worth it!


Abigail Arnst

Project Manager

I've been in IT for ten years or so, with some time out for study and travels. I've been an official member of the Swerve team since end of May 2015. My customers like working with me because I genuinely want to assist, I listen and I deliver and I'm always smiling! What I love about Swerve is that it's a friendly team with a real can do attitude.


John Harris

Founder of Swerve and Systems and Development Consultant

I'm married with three children of varying ages. I enjoy keeping fit and active with CrossFit, involvement in beach activities as well as surfing. I also enjoy socialising, and have a huge passion for IT. I wrote my first program at age 16 and I founded Swerve over 17 years ago.

My strength is my ability to explain solutions in non-technical terms. Working in IT does require a huge element of honesty. Our customers know that that they can trust me to ensure that the architectural solutions I provide, are created with as little to no impact on the day to day running of their operation. Every day we get told just how good we are! Working in an environment where there is a life/work balance has always been important for me, and Swerve provides just that.


Tim Lewis

Systems Consultant

I have two kids, love being active, playing sports, enjoy socialising, and love hitting the slopes on the snow. I started with Swerve in 2006. I provide honesty by letting the customer know exactly what they require. I also make sure to keep to deadlines, as well as inform my customer every step of the way. My customers enjoy working with me as they know that I am approachable, and have the ability to get the job done. My customers also have confidence in me and this corresponds into my work

Having flexibility is really important to me and Swerve has allowed me to work as hard as I want to work, and when it comes to working for my customers I will always work hard for them. The people that I work with here are incredibly supportive, and always willing to help out, which is always great in a small company


Tom Massyn

Senior Network Systems Consultant

I love all things technical, love challenges, fishing, boating, and helping the community with the NZ Marine Aquarium Society donating time. I’ve been involved in IT since 1998, joined Swerve in 2001.

I provide experience, but I am still learning every day. I ensure that I focus on the customers’ business, rather than just on their IT. I enjoy helping customers regardless of their hardware, and always manage to find a fit that works for the individual at hand. I am a relationship builder, and I think of my customers as friends and when you are doing work for your friends, you don’t mind working so much! What I love about Swerve is the ability to work on a wide range of projects dealing with a diverse bunch of customers. Being a chameleon helps, and I enjoy having to think of ways to approach different situations.


Bruce Pascoe

Systems Consultant

Being brought up in the mighty Southland I was taught 2 things, when you drink beer it is Speights, and your favourite sport is Rugby! I was fortunate enough to represent Otago and the Mighty Southland. I also enjoy fishing as well as camping. I first started with Swerve in 2005, which is when I first became heavily involved in the IT world. I resolve my customer’s issues quickly & develop great relationships with them. I respond quickly to my customer’s issues and I make sure I build relationships. This in turn builds trust, and trust in business is everything.

Working for Swerve is great so is working amongst a great group of people. Every day is different, and that’s just how I like it.


Stefan Hefer

Helpdesk Specialist

I am a motorcycle enthusiast and have a love for anything with two wheels. I enjoy my sports and have been involved in all sorts of activities for as long as I can remember. I am a weightlifter and compete at a national level. My current aspirations are to compete Weightlifting at an international level. I joined Swerve early on in 2016 and I’m new to the IT world. I have always been very interested in the IT side of things and love the fast pace growth of technology. I have a can do attitude and always eager to learn to improve myself and help push swerve in the right direction. I also know that working for a company as good as Swerve, I will provide fast as well as effective IT solutions for all our customers. I am a very fast learner, and enjoy any challenge that is thrown my way. I look forward to hearing from you soon.